Surprise, surprise: Single women really don’t like Donald Trump

Here’s a newsflash: Most single women out there have some feelings about Donald Trump. Bad feelings. Like, really bad.

A new poll shows that Hillary Clinton is more popular than Trump among women voters as a whole, with a 21-point lead. But when the research is broken down according to marital status, something really interesting happens. That lead explodes to a whopping 52 points.


The graph is as meaningful as it looks. According to the Washington Post, Page Gardner, CEO of Women’s Voices, says, “The prospect of a Trump presidency is motivating single women against him, and today we see the largest marriage gap, +55 points, that we’ve ever witnessed in more than a decade of research.”

So basically, Trump has alienated single women more than any other political candidate has managed to do over the course of the past ten years. Last year Gallup found that 7 in 10 women have an unfavorable opinion of Trump. That’s among ALL women, including Republicans. We can’t say we’re surprised. Trump has a loooong history of saying some very unpleasant things about women and engaging in ugly, personal attacks. You can read about them here or see some of his quotes read aloud by women in this powerful video.

Or you can just take a look at his Twitter feed, which is full of lovely gems like these:

Frankly, we’re surprised Clinton’s lead over Trump among women isn’t even bigger. Just saying.


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