All the stages of being single when everyone you know is getting engaged

The moment your best friend—or any friend for that matter—gets engaged, you are so happy for them, right? At first you are definitely excited, but if you are single, there are a LOT more emotions that follow when you hear this news. For starters, why is everyone getting engaged? Are you going to be forever alone? When did you even get old enough to get married? OMG, are babies next?

Emotions will run wild when you discover that you’re single and everyone you know (okay not everyone, but it feels like everyone) seems to be getting engaged and tying the knot. It’s insane and an emotional roller coaster that all singles have dealt with so don’t get too freaked. Here are some stages to expect.


Excitement. OMG, your bestie is engaged, this is totally time for celebration. In fact, you might even send her flowers, go out for celebratory drinks or buy her Martha Stewart’s Weddings magazine the moment you hear the good news.

Ugh. Another one? When you are single AF, you actually get annoyed that people are getting engaged and blowing up your newsfeed. It’s normal, don’t freak out, it will pass.


Anger. Seriously, when so many people are getting engaged it can be exhausting and bring out your inner anger about being alone. This too shall pass.

Panic. Now that you’re kind of over the initial shock that you’re alone and another person you know is about to get married, you kind of panic. What are you going to wear? Will you be in the bridal party? Can you afford all the things that go along with a wedding? There are so many things to freak out about.

Excitement. We’re back to happy. Yes, you are happy for your bestie, he or she totally deserves love, duh. Yay, they are getting married!


Pinterest craziness. As soon as you come to terms with the upcoming nuptials, you go straight for Pinterest. Whether it’s to help look up floral displays or to plan your own distant (like way off in the future) wedding, Pinterest becomes your new best friend.

Jealously. For a brief period of time you are actually jealous. Not because you love your friend’s fiancé or want to get married right now, but because you want the option to get married.


Self realization. With all of this excitement and the emotional roller coaster you’re riding, you need time to reflect on your own life. What is your relationship status? Are you okay being single? You should definitely think about your own life map, but also who cares if you’re not ready for love or a big wedding? It’s your life.

Overwhelming joy. Let’s be honest: You are so freaking happy for anyone you know who has found their match. Once it all sinks in, the overwhelming emotion you feel time and time again is joy, pure joy.

Shedding tears. There always seems to be crying, but you can’t usually explain it. Are you crying because you’re sad that you’re alone, or crying tears of joy for your friends who found love? It’s so complicated.


Fear. We are back to the scary emotions. With your friend’s newfound life plan (aka they are now going to be married for, like, ever), you are so fearful that you’ll end up alone. Or maybe you aren’t scared of being alone, but you are definitely scared of being old enough to have friends that are MARRIED!

Happiness. It all comes back to happiness and excitement, because that’s really what friends are for.


Seriously, being single is awesome and can be really fun, but when your friends (all of your friends) start tying the knot things get weird, fast. You will be filled with a LOT of emotions, but it’s all normal.

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