Today in sweetness: this single dad teaches other dads how to do their daughters’ hair

Years ago, single dad Philippe Morgese wanted to start learning how to do his daughter Emma’s hair. So, he did what most of us do when we want to master something new: watching a ton of YouTube tutorials.

Philippe says his learning curve was a long one—”I failed 90 percent of the time,” he said to SELF. “But as time went on, I just kept learning more and more.”

The hairstyling dad kept at it until he had mastered not only simple ponytails and plaits, but also more complex looks like sock buns and fishtail braids. We wish our fathers had those kind of styling skills when we were growing up!

“I remember dropping Emma off at preschool with a braid in her hair, and everybody would be like ‘Oh my goodness, you did that? That’s amazing,’” Philippe said. “It just inspired me more.”

The best part is that Philippe is sharing the knowledge with other dads. In October, he offered a free daddy-daughter hairstyling class, and 10 dads signed up for the class within the first hour. Now, he teaches classes regularly through his Daddy Daughter Hair Factory, where he instructs fathers how to braid their daughters’ hair, hands on. How cute is that? He also offers styling tips through his Facebook page and YouTube channel.

Like father, like daughter: Emma, 9, is also trying her hand at teaching, and will be instructing her first class called “Best Friends and Braids” this month. “She’s going to teach them how to braid each other’s hair, and bond through braiding. That’s going to be super adorable,” Philippe said.

Watch Philippe’s useful—and super-cute—tutorial here:

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