Singer JoJo opened up about her father’s drug addiction for this incredibly important reason

The election is only days away, but the reasons to vote are still coming in at full steam. And singer JoJo opened up about her late father’s addiction battle in Vevo’s “Why I Vote” series, outlining how her personal tragedy directly relates to key policy issues.

These videos always pack an effective punch;  Kesha released an incredibly moving “Why I Vote” video that delved into her passion for LGBT equality, and there have been a number of other effective (and more humorous) PSAs to get out the vote, like Lena Dunham’s intentionally terrible Hillary Clinton rap.

But there’s nothing funny about JoJo’s video because she’s talking about the incredibly tragic issue of drug addiction. Prepare to watch something that will very likely hurt:

"I think the opioid epidemic is one of the greatest public health crises that we're facing as a country. I see it destroying the communities and families in New England; the way it's broken my own family. I see the way I've lost my father to addiction. And it makes me really sad that people feel so distraught that they risk it all and end up losing everything."

She goes on to talk about the time she first found out that her dad was struggling with narcotic addiction, and the emotions she went through as she tried to deal with the situation.

JoJo ultimately lost her father to his addiction, but she continues to advocate for programs to help those struggling with the same problem.

"Not feeling alone is one of the most important things for a human being to know that you're heard, and someone cares about you. [...] It's important to elect politicians who will make a difference with drug abuse and addiction, because it's effecting all of us. As corny as it sounds, literally every vote counts."

Thanks for sharing your story, JoJo. We’ll definitely be voting on November 8th.