This singer just bought his 8-year-old daughter an island. No, we didn’t stutter.

While Amy Schumer was busy tending bar at the GQ Men of the Year party last week, Tyrese Gibson was gushing about his daughter Shayla. The two are extremely close—the singer just penned a series of children’s books with her. With the holidays right around the corner, Entertainment Tonight asked Tyrese what he’s giving Shayla for Christmas, but his lips are sealed.

“She watches a lot of TV so I wouldn’t want to put it on air, because she will probably see it,” he said. Then he adorably included that “life is good … daddy duties are real, man, I love it.” All together now: Awww.

We totally get it—Tyrese doesn’t want to spoil the surprise in an interview that will likely get back to her. So the focus then turned to the most lavish gift he’s ever given, and to nobody’s surprise, it was a gift for Shayla. The gift? Oh, and no big deal—just an entire island. Where is this lavish island? Can I visit?

“Can’t say [where],” he said. “She knows all about it and the island is called Love Island. I’ll be putting it up on my Facebook soon.”

When I think of lavish gifts for an eight-year-old, things like ponies and diamond-encrusted tiaras come to mind. Maybe an exact replica of the library in Beauty and the Beast. Or remember when Blue Ivy got an $80,000 Barbie for her birthday? I was thinking something like that, so it’s pretty incredible that Shayla has her own island from her dad.

No wonder Tyrese is staying quiet on her Christmas gift. If he’s already given his daughter the gift of private real estate, who knows what he has in store for the holiday gift-giving!

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