Sing Along with Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Adrian Grenier and Yoko Ono: Don’t Frack My Mother

New York is facing one of the bigger decisions of its history. What’s that? You don’t live in New York State? Well, keep reading because this affects all of us. State decisions on environmental issues can be like a domino effect. If one big state, like, say, New York, allows Fracking, then your state could, too!  

Here is the video our team of badasses made with Sean Lennon and Artists Against Fracking:

On the heels of Cuomo extending the moratorium on Fracking and the NY Assembly voting to ban Fracking in NY State until 2015, we now are in a great position to make a huge impact for a greener State of New York and Planet! The State Senate must still vote and then Cuomo will make his final decision.   

You can also help by signing the petition to stop fracking.  

A couple of facts on Fracking:

• The science shows – from industry’s own documents – that fracking poses a direct threat to our drinking water, our air, and our land. It has not been proven to be safe and has caused a lot of health risks in states like Pennsylvania where it has been practiced for many years. Have you all seen the clip of the man lighting his drinking water on fire?  

• One of the major risks of this process is that the protective cement in the wells cracks and leaks toxic chemicals and methane into the air and water. There is a 6% leak immediately after installation and 60% over a number of years. The methane that leaks is 100 times more powerful a greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide. This makes fracked gas as bad as coal for the Earth’s climate. And the effects are irreversible! Once the pipes have been laid our waters are forever in danger of contamination- we can’t just send little men down the pipes to fix leaks.  

Saving our environment is the fight of our lifetime. Our planet cannot be held hostage to big oil money. Now is our moment to use our voices and send a message to Governor Cuomo, and one way to do that is by Tweeting him @NYGovCuomo, using the hashtag #dontfrackmymother.  

Join us in sharing this video, signing this petition and calling, tweeting and pestering Governor Cuomo to make the right decision. For the state, for our country and for the planet.  

To learn more about Fracking, you can watch The Sky is Pink by Josh Fox:

LOVE, Sarah Sophie

Artwork by Alia Penner

PS: See if you can spot all the participants:
Adrian Grenier
Abigail Chapin
Alana Amram
Alex Wallman
Alexa Chung
Alix Brown
Amanda Topaz
Amber Skye
Ami Sioux
Ana Calderon
Andrew Wayatt
Andy Marlow
Angela McCluskey
Ariana Delawari
Arjun Gupta
Au Revoir Simone
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Avi Taylor
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Bing Ji Ling
Carrie Fisher
Cat Pierce
Chapin Sisters
Charlotte Kemp Muhl
Charmaine Joseph
Chris Kittreil
Christian Owens
Christina Tortorelli
Cibo Matto
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Cornelia Livingston
Costanza Theodoli-Braschi
Dani Brown
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David Michael Hershberg
Devendra Banhardt + Ana Kras
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Elliot + Natalie Bergman
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Erika Spring
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Fred Armison
Hannah Metz
Heather Porcaro
Illy + Nikolai Fraiture
Invisible Familiars
Io Bottoms + Family
Ione Skye
Jamie Quiroz
Jaren Samuel
Jen Cohn + Mickey
Jeff Palmiotti
Joseph Gordon-Levitt
Josh Fox
John Wassler
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Lily Chapin
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Sarah Sophie Flicker & Arrow
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Superhuman Happiness
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Yael Greenberg
Yoko Ono
Zoë Kravitz

Bands Involved:
The Strokes
Wild Belle
Chapin Sisters
Citizens Band
The Like
Au Revoir Simone
Cibo Matto