In honor of Pride month, Sinful Colors teamed up with *this* pop star to create a gorgeous rainbow of nail polishes

Show your Pride on your nails this month with the newest collection from Sinful Colors and European pop star Era Istrefi.

In case you missed it, June is Pride month. These days, corporations of all persuasions are hopping on the Pride parade float, but many beauty brands have been allies since RuPaul first werqued a MAC campaign.

Sinful has been a Pride participant for a few years now, and the affordable nail polish company is no stranger to pop star style. They’ve enlisted Kosovar pop star Era Istrefi as the spokesperson for this year’s limited-edition, glittery, rainbow nail polish collection. The singer-songwriter helped dream up the shades and names of the polishes.

Era is performing at NYC Pride this year.

Era is known for her songs “Bonbon” and “Mani Për Money,” both of which lend their names to the collection. The bombshell loves and supports the LGBTQ community, which makes up a large part of her fanbase. The six glitter lacquers capture the spirit of excitement, celebration, equality, and love.

The full collection.


Pride is not a time to be shy with the glitter! Black On Black and Snow Me White make good bases for the sparkly shades. We also love that Sinful Colors is affordable, retailing for $1.99 per bottle.

You can get a set of six on Amazon for $14.49, and it includes the shades Bon Bons, Erotik, Mani Për Money, Intergalactic, Taste It, and Pride.

Erotik, $1.99

Erotik is doing its part to make orange sexy again. Other shades include Mani Për Money (green like money), Intergalactic (blue and out-of-this-world), and Taste It (grape-inspired). Can’t pick just one? Rainbow glitter Pride covers all your bases.

Bon Bons, $1.99

Shake your Bon Bons! (Actually, unless the manufacturer suggests it, don’t shake your bottle of nail polish — roll it between your hands instead. Pardon the #Nailsplaining.)

Buy the Sinful Colors #PRIDE collection exclusively online at and ($1.99 per bottle, or $11.99-$14.49 per pack.)

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