Sinead O’Connor gave us a post-rehab update, and we’re sending her all our good vibes

Sinead O’Connor is more or less a musical legend. After a somewhat tough year, O’Connor went to rehab, but sent an update which and says she’s feeling a bit better, even after recently undergoing a medical emergency. As she’s currently starting hormone replacement therapy, she decided to come clean about everything that fell apart for her in recent years.

"I do recommend hormone replacement. Am different person … Irish doctors never recommended it to me all year but I finally got it two weeks ago in US and am me again. Thank you to doctor here in America. And thank you to my surgeon," she said on her Facebook page.

O’Connor went on to add:

"What a f—ing year. Been treated so bad it’s a miracle I made it. But I did. And I’m proud I did. And I will always."


O’Connor has been known to be quite vocal on her Facebook page, which often gets deleted (and later restored) after rants. Just this year, she was reported missing, and also penned a very public, emotional letter to her ex-husband and son on social media, which made many worry about her state.

"I was in rehab by the way. For thirty years of being a weed head, O’Connor explained. “Can proudly state I now have clean piss and will be in a ‘sober living environment’ for the next year. It’s more like a home environment. Only it’s complete with support system. Which is a first for me. Proud of self," she continued on Facebook.

Of course, O’Connor noted that such an accomplishment didn’t come easily.

"Wasn’t easy. 0-18 years in Ireland and then 34 years in music business and the s— that’s gone on for the last year…. it’s a miracle I wasn’t on every drug in sundry," she added.

While O’Connor is still feeling bad from her recent hospital stay, she still seems to be in a much better place than she was before. We’re so proud of her, and hope she continues to take excellent care of herself!

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