Happy Simpsons Day (aka the day the Simpsons World app changed our lives)

Maybe you remember a month or so ago when FXX decided to air every single Simpsons episode. While I did not partake in the full marathon, I have many friends who did, and I honestly didn’t hear from them for a few days. The FXX marathon brought binging to a whole new level, but now get ready for this: FX has just released TODAY its Simpsons World app where you have over 500 episodes at your disposal every single moment of every single day. I have a feeling I’m going to start seeing less and less and less of a lot of my friends.

Not only does the app include every single episode from the past 25 seasons, but episodes from the current 26th season will be available the day after they air on TV. So the app holds all current 552 episodes. . . and counting.

Plus, users are able to quickly navigate around episodes, with search functions where you can look up clips of your favorite characters/guest stars. It also includes something called “The Simpson’s Heartbeat” that shows you which episodes are the most popular (“Marge vs. The Monorail,” anyone?). It also seems to show you how many times that episode has already been viewed on the app. And considering that the app dropped today, there are a lot of people who clearly called into work sick.

Currently, and just in time for Halloween, the featured video playlist on Simpsons World.com is Every. Treehouse of Horror. Episode. Ever (oh also there’s an all day marathon of these episodes on FX this Sunday, starting at 12PM, if you’d much rather binge-watch on a television).

There’s a surplus of news and information about the Simpsons, from their Family Guy crossover earlier this season, to all the horror movie references in the “Treehouse of Horror XXIV.” And, if you want to super-geek-out, you can also read along with the scripts as you watch each episode.

Navigating around the site, I just learned that before Kelsey Grammer embodied the voice of Sideshow Bob, he was supposed to be played by James Earl Jones. NO I DID NOT KNOW THAT. There is so much Simpsons trivia on this app, I can’t even. By the way, that means it was someone’s job to search through the entire Internet for every Simpsons reference/mention/tidbit ever and include it all in the Simpsons World app for your entertainment. Thank you, whoever is responsible for this epic feat. You are a hero among us. Also, I want your job.

(Images via here, here, and here.)