Here’s how to make a “Simpsons”-style “Flaming Homer” at home

If you’ve ever wanted to taste a drink or food that exists in one of your favorite movies or TV shows (Butterbeer, anyone?), then this YouTube channel is for you. Cocktail Chemistry often recreates fictional recipes on YouTube, and his latest episode has got us extra excited.

In this video, a mixologist recreated the famous “Flaming Homer” cocktail from The Simpsons!

And don’t worry if you don’t exactly consider yourself drink-savvy. He does all the leg work for you and figure out exactly how you can enjoy some of your favorite pop culture drinks with simple DIY steps.

In fact, this mixologist tweaked Homer’s famous concoction to use ingredients that actually taste good.

In the show, Homer mixes a little of everything in his liquor cabinet together. But there are only four ingredients you can actually make out. They are tequila, peppermint schnapps, creme de menthe, and grape cough syrup. So, the mixologist tries it.

Cocktail Chemistry mixes these four ingredients together, and serves it with no ice in a tall glass, just like Homer does. After tasting it, he says the drink is “god-awful.”

"You're punched in the face by this intense sweet minty flavor that gives you a gag reflex," he says. Gross.

Then, when he tries to set it on fire, like Homer does, the alcohol content is too low to catch flame. Boo.

So, after finding out how terrible the original is, Cocktail Chemistry sets out to make a better version of the Flaming Homer.

He combines equal parts crème de violette, Cointreau, gin, and lime juice and shakes that up with ice. Then he double strains it into a coupe glass. Finally, he takes half a scooped-out lime, and fills it with Bacardi 151, which he then lights on fire. Voilà! The Flaming Homer is complete, and actually sounds delicious.

The video contains a couple other Simpsons-inspired recipes. One looks delicious and the other, well, we can leave that one in Springfield.