This “Simpsons” tattoo looks minimalist — but is actually an insane optical illusion

Unless you’ve been living under a rock — or, y’know, in Shelbyville — then you already know that fans of The Simpsons are willing to go there when it comes to their favorite fandom. From robust toy collections to insanely clever cosplays, Springfield fans are down to do the most … though no one is as die-hard as the fan willing to celebrate their love for the show with permanent ink.

Redditor amazing_cucumber recently found and posted a particularly epic Simpsons tattoo, one that combines the current minimalist trend with Springfield’s First Family — and adds an optical illusion twist.

My New Simpsons Tattoo

Can you spot all five Simpson heads on this clever stranger’s limb? We sure can, though we have to admit we’re a little bummed that Santa’s Little Helper and Snowballs I, II, III, IV, and V (also known as II) didn’t make the cut. But either way, mad props for reminding us that original Simpsons tattoos are still possible 28 years later.

(And if you’re still looking for Springfield inspo, check out TheSimpsonsTattoo on Instagram for all the help you could ever need.

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