A super creative couple recreated ‘The Simpsons’ kitchen IRL

A Canadian couple in Calgary is renovating their kitchen to look exactly like the kitchen on The Simpsons and we’re obsessed. Living in a life-sized Simpsons kitchen is probably every Simpsons fan’s dream, but Marcia Andreychuk and Joel Hamilton are the first (that we know of) to take that dream one step further — OK, maybe 10 steps further.

Andreychuk and Hamilton wanted to “retrovate” their kitchen, which means keep the old and make it new, but it wasn’t until they really looked at the structure of their kitchen that they realized the kitchen has the same bone structure as the kitchen on The Simpsons. So the logical decision was to turn their kitchen into Marge’s, because duh (or d’oh).

Their kitchen had all the elements to make it work, as it still had many of the original appliances from the ’50s — very Simpsons. Andreychuk bought contact paper to paste over the appliances, but she says they have a dream of buying all new appliances — in olive-green, of course.

Andreychuk considers the project to be relatively risk-free, because they aren’t ripping apart what already exists, rather they’re basically just adding color, as well as some quirky items here and there — like olive-green utensils and corn on the cob curtains (we had no idea those actually existed IRL, but now we want them).

A photo of the Simpsons’ kitchen hangs in their kitchen, and Andreychuk told CBCNews, “I think it’s ironic that I have a picture of my kitchen in my kitchen.” A framed photo of the cartoon version of your kitchen? Sign us up!  

Both Andreychuk and Hamilton are obviously huge Simpsons fans, and find comfort in all things Simpsons. “Every winter I watch every single episode that’s been released,” Hamilton said. “The Simpsons for me is actually a baby blanket. If I’m not feeling very well, if I’m depressed, if I have a bad day — I come home and pop The Simpsons on and I’m 10-years-old [again] and everything is alright.”

We totally get that feeling, and each of us has a comfort show. We might not retrovate our whole house to look like said show, but hey, we’re glad someone did. Check out a video of the couple showing off the in their Simpsons kitchen:

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[Images via FOX and Twitter]