Real-life “Simpsons” donuts are now available at Krispy Kreme, but there’s one little problem

Anyone who’s ever watched The Simpsons has probably drooled over the pink, sprinkled donuts that Homer often enjoys, and now, because dreams do come true, those pink donuts are real. Krispy Kreme is selling real-life Simpsons donuts, y’all, but if you live in the U.S., you’re going to have to fly across the world (or go to Universal Studios) if you want to eat one.

As Grub Street reported, Krispy Kreme’s take on the snack is called the D’ohnut, in honor of Homer’s trademark phrase, and the sweet treats look absolutely amazing. Unfortunately, though, they’re only available at the company’s stores in Australia.

We know what you’re thinking: why would they sell Simpsons donuts anywhere but the United States? Springfield is in America — d’oh.

We’re thinking that, too, but unfortunately, there’s no answer to that question just yet. If you do happen to live in Aussie land, you’re in luck — you’ll be able to find D’ohnuts in single packages or in four packs, complete with Homer on the box, at Krispy Kreme or 7-Eleven stores in New South Wales, Queensland, Victoria, and Western Australia from now until April 30th.

And please, go eat them all for us, because the rest of us will be here in the grand ol’ U.S.A., drooling over photos of these yummy treats that have already made their way to Instagram. They look amazing, and not just because it’s a donut we can’t have.

If you live in the U.S., though, not all hope is lost. If you can get yourself to Universal Studios in Florida or California, you can stop by Lard Lad Donuts in the park, a real-life version of the bakery from the show, where they serve giant pink donuts like Homer’s. And let’s just say the cost of admission is a little less than the price of a flight to Australia, which we are seriously considering.

But as for the Krispy Kreme take on the Simpsons donut? Well, it’s their move. Just so you know, Krispy Kreme, there are plenty of us out here wanting to buy this icing-covered delicacy from you. Please make it happen.

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