You’ll never, ever guess who auditioned for ‘The Simpsons’

If this whole bid for President thing doesn’t work out for Ted Cruz, he doesn’t want to be left jobless. To make sure his bases are covered come November 2016, Cruz released his “audition tape” for The Simpsons, but from the looks of it, he might not want to leave his day job just yet.

A self-proclaimed Simpsons-enthusiast, the Texas Senator is taking Harry Shearer’s exit pretty hard. After all, Shearer voiced some of the most beloved characters in the Simpsons’ universe, and his leaving is definitely going to leave a vacuum. Characters like Ned Flanders, Mr. Burns (and a ton more) are going to have to find a new voice, and Ted Cruz hopes he’s the man for the job.

So Buzzfeed helped him out by filming his audition tape for The Simpsons. In it, Cruz jokes about having been told he has “a face for radio” but he believes said face might also be perfect for animation. Let’s let Matt Groening decide that.

(Image via Fox)

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