Can you solve this super simple puzzle that’s stumping the internet?

There’s nothing like a good brain-teaser to give your mind a good work out. Between deceptively simple riddles to mind-melting numerical questions, it’s fun to let a puzzle remind you to constantly think outside of the box.

So here’s the latest IQ-improving twister that’s making its rounds thanks to the good people at Little Things. Don’t let the bright, happy, blue background and the rainbow numbers fool you. This puzzle is surprisingly tricky. See if you can solve it yourself.


Go ahead. Think about it.


Did you get it?

If you’re stumped, fret not, because it wouldn’t be a doozy if it were easy for everyone.

Well, like most good brain-teasers the answer was hiding right in front of you. There’s a double “the” in the question. It reads “Can you find the the mistake?” (which is a lot easier to see when it’s written out like that and not conspicuously put in places where we would naturally overlook or combine).


That’s it! As simple as that! No weird color not following the ROY G. BIV pattern (which some of us may have stared at and done some Googling on to see if light blue really should follow dark green). It’s just simply that there’s an extra article.

And that’s that’s all all there there is is to to it.