This really great Instagram feature has been hiding in plain sight

Taking an Instagram photo is usually pretty straight-forward: take a picture, add a filter, and done! But, there are A LOT of filters to choose from, and frankly, ones we never use. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could have your “go to” filters ready all the time? Well, you can.

For the non-tech savvy photogs out there like ourselves, brace yourselves, you can actually arrange and delete (well, really “hide”) your filters! It’s very simple, and here’s how you do it.

I’ll use this picture I just took of this weird cat-thing as an example.

In three simple steps…


A little too easy, right?

But, you know, I actually really like “Clarendon.” And that’s okay, because you can just as easily bring any filter back from the dead.

Scroll all the way to the RIGHT of your filters and you’ll see a “manage” option.

And you’ll find ALL the filters, including the one you just hid. Just tap the checkmark and your filter will return.


You can also check out some already hidden filters in this section like old favorite “1977” and video filters like “Dogpatch.”

BUT you can do more than just HIDE the filters you never use, you can actually rearrange them entirely, you just hold down and drag to where you want the filter.

Look at me bring “Juno” all the way the heck over next to “Clarendon” where it doesn’t belong.

Now, get out there and get gramming!


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