Meet Simone Garcia Johnson — The Rock’s daughter and the first Golden Globe Ambassador

On Sunday, January 7th during the Golden Globes telecast, the world will meet Simone Garcia Johnson. Who is Simone Garcia Johnson? Well, she’s Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s 16-year-old daughter and the first-ever Golden Globe Ambassador. In previous years, the Globes would handpick the children of famous actors and actresses for the coveted title of Mr. or Miss Golden Globe — last year’s Miss Golden Globes were Sylvester Stallone’s three daughters. Garcia Johnson says the new genderless moniker (Golden Globe Ambassador) is a welcomed change.

“I’m really glad they chose to make that change because it promotes equality and is more inclusive, and those are things that I’m passionate about,” she said. “I feel like representing that is really going to open up a lot of doors — not only for me, but also for all the future Golden Globes Ambassadors,” Johnson explained to W Magazine.

Johnson lives in Florida and is still in high school, though she says she spends “a lot of time in L.A., too.” She’s got her eye on Hollywood (she signed with IMG Models in 2016), and she tells W that college is also “a priority.”

Regardless of her plans to conquer Hollywood (or not), her enthusiasm for the upcoming awards show is infectious.

"Gal Gadot is going to be there, and so is Kerry Washington, and I really admire and would love to meet both of them," she gushed to W in the same interview. "I really loved Get Out, and I was really happy that Alison Brie was nominated for Glow because I love that show, and I can tell how hard all the women worked on that."

One look at her Instagram and it’s clear that she’s vocal about refugee rights, body positivity, and has already aligned herself with the #TimesUp movement.

She’s truly the woke Gen Z ambassador Hollywood needs right now.

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