Simone Biles being terrified by a bee is all of us

The Rio Olympics this year have made Simone Biles into a household name. Her unparalleled dominance in the sport of gymnastics has been inspiring to say the least. She’s just a straight up boss that has won five medals medals for the United States. She’s untouchable.


Except for one bee who just didn’t get the message. When Simone Biles isn’t winning four gold medals in the Olympics, or catching up with her friend Zack Efron — she’s fighting off bees that are trying to cramp her style.

The bee  was clearly attracted to the wonderful smells radiating off of the flowers in Simone’s bouquet during the 2014 World Championships in China. As the gold medalist in this competition, she apparently got the privilege of  standing with one on the podium.

The video shows her trying to knock it away — eventually leading to her giving up and just chucking the flowers away entirely before hiding behind one of the other gymnasts. I guess no one gave the bee the heads up that Simone shouldn’t be messed with. After all — she has a gymnastics move named after her!

Lets be real. No amount of killer bees can stop this athlete from competing and winning graciously like the champ that she is. But maybe the gymnastics committee can look into substituting those flowers with a less bee-friendly option?

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