Simone Biles shut down body shamers on Instagram, and we’re really proud of her

When people try and bring down an Olympic athlete, you know that unnecessary body shaming has gotten out of hand. After posting a photo of herself wearing shorts over a white bathing suit, athlete Simone Biles had to shut down a body shamer who thought her muscular arms were “ugly.” It’s a shame that someone would even think of commenting so harshly on how she looks, especially since she’s proven to the world that she’s a powerful, focused young woman.

As a member of the Final Five, this isn’t the first time where an online bully has tried to make Biles feel bad about her appearance. After the women posted a beautiful photo where they’re looking beach-ready, people couldn’t help but negatively comment on their muscular bodies. A fellow member of her team, Gabby Douglas, has also spoken up about how the online bullies were running rampant, and how hurtful it can be.

Here’s the photo that Biles posted:

And, here’s the comment that’s a little concerning:


After a few fans noted the harshness of the comment above, the original poster tried to make it look like she was “joking” — but even so, it’s a joke that’s completely distasteful, and extremely hurtful.

While Biles could have ignored the comment, she chose to address it. Really, it’s the right move — since, by pretending that the body shaming didn’t happen, she’d only be lessening the seriousness of such a rude comment.

Such amazing advice, from such an amazing person.

Seriously, Biles couldn’t have handled this better. Really, it’s just a shame she had to handle it at all.

Of course, her powerful words were showered with love and support — including a few tweets from parents, who love the fact that Biles continues to send such positive messages to not only her fans, but children worldwide.


We think that Biles is such a beautiful person, inside and out — and we’re so tired of people trying to shame women for how their bodies look. Biles is such an inspirational figure, that we can’t believe anyone would go out of their way to, possibly, project their own insecurities onto her. We stand behind her, and always will.

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