Simone Biles and Kelly Rowland wow in pantsuits and we wonder if they planned this because it’s so perfect

Gone are the days when pantsuits were just for the corporate office, because ladies there has been a resurgence! Simone Biles and Kelly Rowland wowed in pantsuits at the The Hollywood Reporter’s Annual Women In Entertainment Breakfast and now more than ever we are on the hunt for the perfect fashionable pantsuit. In the eyes of Biles and Rowland why wear a boring black pantsuit, when you can rock autumn toned power suits!

On Wednesday women (and men) traveled to Milk Studios in Los Angeles to celebrate The Hollywood Reporter’s Power 100 at the 25th annual THR Women in Entertainment breakfast presented by Lifetime. We were expecting the room to be filled with accomplished, super fashionable woman, but we have to say Simone Biles and Kelly Rowland stunned with their choice of attire. We don’t know what it is about a pantsuit but it showcases so much power, so we were overjoyed when we saw these three put a spin on such an iconic look.


Simone Biles choose an autumn toned pumpkin pantsuit. If you’re wondering where you can get this suit we’ve got you covered, and it actually is a pretty inexpensive price for how luxurious it looks. Marienbad NYC, is a company that curates work-to-play fashion pieces for woman who are looking to be economically conscious. The single button ponte blazer and the heavy weight ponte leggings with self fabric side inserts will have you totally set for any events that you will be attending. If you’re not feeling as daring to rock the pumpkin color don’t fret, the suit also comes in black, charcoal and heathered navy.

Kelly Rowland choose to go a bit of a differnt route with a cleavage baring emerald green linen suit from Akris Spring/Summer 2017 collection and a lovely baby pink cashmere coat by Ports 1961. Ade Samuel (her stylist) killed this outfit. It’s giving us major Tess Mcgill vibes for sure!

Brb, we are on our way to scour every store online for the perfect power suit.  You know how the saying goes: This one time I saw Simone Biles and Kelly Rowland wearing autumn toned power suits, so I went out and brought autumn toned power suits!

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