Simone Biles’ Leotards for Her 7th National Championship Win Had a Hidden Message

She truly is the best of the best.

Just in case there was any doubt about how talented Simone Biles is, her latest win will prove the haters wrong. On Sunday, Biles won the 2021 U.S. Gymnastic Championships, grabbing her seventh national title. And have we mentioned that she’s only 24 years old? Best of all, Biles competed with leotards that had a hidden—and completely epic—message.

Not only did Biles take the all-around title, but she had the high scores in vault, balance beam, and floor—needless to say, pretty impressive. And she did it all with her GOAT leotards in place.

Why a goat, you ask? Because she’s the Greatest of All Time. Biles started wearing a goat leotard back in 2019 and revived the look for this competition, and rightfully so. Biles had a cute little rhinestone goat on her leotards for competition and even let her fans name it. So this is Goldie.

This win makes Biles the woman with the most national titles in the country, officially breaking her tie with Clara Schroth Lomady. This all comes on the heels of the new vault she unveiled in May (though she didn’t perform it for this competition). The vault in question is a Yurchenko double pike, which has never been landed by a woman in competition before. Ever.

Literally every routine is better than the last and we’re in awe every single time she performs.

Biles just continues to impress and watching every single one of her performances is truly something special. With the Tokyo Olympics right around the corner, we’ll be seeing Biles perform again soon. Up next for her are the Olympic trials—and then the Summer Games. Though she hasn’t *technically* qualified yet, she is what we like to call a shoo-in! We can’t wait to see what she does next!

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