The silver linings of getting dumped during the holidays

Public service announcement: the holiday season is about to kick into gear, and we must be prepared for the good, the bad, and maybe even the ugly (but hopefully not). This is generally a time for family, friends, love and food, and if you’re REALLY lucky, someone will whip you up some spice cured Turkey, with all the trimmings (Yuuum!). But if you’re really unlucky, you might get dumped.

Statistically speaking, there’s a massive spike in the amount of breakups just after Thanksgiving and just before Christmas. It seems weird to dump people when good will is in the air, but then again it also makes sense —sometimes, you just can’t fake it when you can’t make it. So what should you do if you get dumped at (or on) these special days? Here are some handy tips and suggestions:

So, you’re dumped before Thanksgiving.

It may seem like the worst thing to happen —you two already made plans with the fam and even booked a flight to his parents’ house, and then out of nowhere, he says things are just not working out. UGH. On the bright side, this means you can go and surround yourself in a cocoon of family love, and turkey, and hide away from it all for a few days. It also means you’ll be free to kiss whoever you want under the mistletoe when the seasonal parties kick off.

Or, you get dumped ON Thanksgiving.

This does happen, and it’s not OK. While this is a really low blow, it also shows a particularly mean streak in your boo’s personality, that —in the long run— should make it easier to move on from. I mean, who dumps someone on Thanksgiving? A MONSTER that’s who.

You’re dumped before Christmas.

This happened to me. It seemed liked the worst thing at the time, but I ended up going to Argentina for a holiday, where I got the idea for my website. Massive silver linings, really.  Also on the positive side, you get to start the New Year fresh. But obviously, there are negatives —like dealing with the barrage of questions from your family as well as the “what happened” faces, sympathy faces and “tick-tock” expressions. If you can make it happen, escape it all and take a vacation with your friends. Preferably somewhere warm. You don’t have to go far! There’s lots of kick ass getaway places nearby.

ALAS, you’re dumped ON Christmas.

The harshest of the harsh. This is a signature jerk move, and I’m truly sorry if this has happened to you. I’ve never actually heard of this happening to anyone, though surely it must have. The only thing to do is to grab a jug of mulled wine and park yourself under the mistletoe. You should also be able to score better presents. Just candidly ask to swap your crap with the best one you see. I doubt anyone would refuse you.

Oooh. Dumped before NYE.

This is the blindsiding type of dumped. You think you’re through the crazy holiday love times and then BOOM. Dumped. Where did that even come from? Good news is, you have time to reconfigure your NYE plans and make sure you have no hope in hell of running into them at a party. It also means you get to start the year fresh.

You’re Dumped ON NYE. Ouch.

If this happened before midnight, you’ll be OK. Just make sure you’ve found someone to kiss at the stroke of midnight (or not —who started that tradition anyway?!). All the better if it’s in their line of sight. It sounds petty, but if they’re kissing someone and you’re not, it’s going to hurt pretty badly. The alternative is to just leave with your friends and hunker down with some tequila and some solid breakup beats. It might end up being a lot more fun than being with your ex.

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