These Silk-Lined Hats, Caps, and Beanies Will Help Tackle Frizzy Winter Hair

Silk will lock in moisture, fight frizz, reduce static, prevent breakage, and keep hair shiny.

As the cold air dries out our skin, the added stress of synthetic heat and the constant friction from wearing hats every day can have the same effect on our hair. Most hats are made with fibers that can cause hair-related issues, like static and friction, and that can snag our already brittle strands, but satin– or silk-lined hats absorb less moisture than traditional materials and are better for your hair.

Excessive styling, environmental exposure, and friction from hats can produce “changes in hair texture, cause breakage, create static, and flatten your hair,” explains Paul Labrecque of Paul Labrecque Salon and Skincare Spa in New York City. Choosing the right hat can make all the difference in maintaining a healthy head of hair. Traditional beanies and hats made with fabrics like cotton can draw moisture out of the hair. “Silk, on the other hand, is smooth, friction-free, and allows your hair to gently glide along your strands without getting tangled,” says Labrecque. This buttery-soft material is also much less absorbent.

The ultra-smooth texture of silk or satin will lock in moisture, fight frizz, reduce static, prevent breakage, and will leave your hair looking shiny. Everyone can benefit from a silk- or satin-lined hat, “especially women with hair types that are naturally prone to dryness, like curly, wavy, or color-treated hair,” says Labrecque.

If you’re looking to stay warm and chic this winter, these are the best silk-lined winter hats for healthy, shiny hair.

Best silk-lined sleep cap:

silk lined beanies

Grace Eleyae GE Sleep Cap

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Grace Eleyae‘s satin-lined cap helps eliminate bed head, reduce hair damage, lock in moisture, fight frizz, and distribute your hair’s natural, healthy oils. The unique design comes with a hidden adjustable drawstring that lets you tighten or loosen the cap for a custom fit, while the inside material protects your hair cuticles and creates the optimal environment for hair growth.

Best fancy-pants silk-lined hat:

silk-lined beanies

Layd The Beret

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Layd hats were created by Charis Alexander, who was tired of buying unfashionable and cheaply made satin-lined hats. From berets to buckets to beanies, all of Layd’s hats are created with a removable silk lining to keep your hair’s natural shine, soft texture, and health intact.

Best budget silk-lined sleep cap:

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Satin Lined Sleep Cap

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This lightweight, soft cap uses a satin lining to keep your strands healthy day or night. In fact, it’s so comfortable that you can even sleep with it on all night to fight frizz and wake up with smooth, tangle-free hair that looks like it’s straight out of a Disney movie.

Best chunky silk-lined beanie:

silk-lined beanies

Lvaiz Winter Knit Beanie

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Keep your hair smooth and hydrated from the cold, dry air with this warm, satin-lined knit beanie. This knit is designed with a soft and stretchable fabric that makes it easy to pull on and off your head all winter. Plus, it will preserve your hairstyle thanks to the satin lining inside that eliminates static and keeps you from looking like a mad scientist.

Best fuss-free silk-lined beanie:

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Alnorm Store Satin Lined Skull Cap

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This stretchable, rib-knit, slouchy beanie with a soft satin lining will keep you feeling warm and looking stylish this winter. You’ll immediately notice a difference in your hair after only one use, and according to the 4.5-star Amazon reviews, you may never go back to wearing cotton again. We’re happy to say the days of compromising your hair and style for warmth are long gone.

Best silk-lined budget beret:

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Hysunland Women's Satin Lined Knitted Beret

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The Hysunland beret from Amazon is every bit as cute and cozy as it is functional. This knit hat has a beautifully crocheted outer layer and a soft, smooth satin inner lining, so you can keep your hair smooth and healthy while still looking trés chic. Plus, it comes in seven colors.

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