And here’s silicone ooze being poured over a Thanksgiving turkey because why not

Sometimes you find something on the internet that makes you ask why. But then as you’re watching it, you start thinking okay, sure. Maybe I get it now. And then, four minutes later, the thing is over and you’re just perplexed.

Somebody decided to make a video of pink silicone oozing over a roasted Thanksgiving turkey until the bird is completely entombed. (Edit: it’s not a turkey, it’s a roasted chicken. But on this day, all fowl is turkey.)

Okay, first, WHY?

Next, why Pepto-Bismol pink?

Hm, maybe because the silicone kind of looks like taffy. Or ribbon candy. At points, it’s almost pretty.

But then you see a turkey leg poking out and pink and turkey just do not go together.

Even today, we’ll be eating our turkey with Mama Stamberg’s Cranberry Relish from NPR, which is also Pepto-Bismol pink. And we’ll have a moment where we reel at the visual of the pink sauce touching our golden turkey. And we’ll only be able to overcome the sight because we already know how delicious it is.

And then we wonder if they’re going to completely cover the turkey? Or just let the ooze drizzle like a sauce?

No, they’re going all the way.

Now, somewhere in the world, there’s a Thanksgiving turkey entombed in pink silicone.

Just… so you know.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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