This TV station thanked this Sikh man who saved a little boy’s life in the most gorgeous way

A few weeks ago 22-year-old Harman Singh witnessed a car accident in Auckland, New Zealand in which a five-year-old little boy on his way to school was hit and injured. Singh immediately removed his Sikh turban and used it to staunch the little boy’s head wound, defying the laws of his religion to save the child’s life. The following shot of the act quickly went viral:

“I wasn’t thinking about the turban. I was thinking about the accident,” Singh explained to the New Zealand Herald, “and I just thought, ‘He needs something on his head because he’s bleeding.’ That’s my job — to help.”

Social media exploded with praise for Singh, with one Tweeter proclaiming “Humanity is the greatest religion.”

As Buzzfeed reports, when the New Zealand TV station One News conducted an exclusive interview re: his heroic act, they discovered that Singh’s apartment didn’t have a lot of furniture. It was basically just a couple of plastic lawn chairs and a TV table.

So One News decided to do something nice for this amazingly selfless and heroic dude. They teamed up with furniture company Big Save Furniture and surprised Singh with a lounge set, a coffee table, and a new bed.

Singh was overcome with emotion when he realized what was going on.

“Thank you, thank you so much, I’m very happy,” he told the news crew as he started to cry. And then the One News reporter started to cry! And then the anchors back at the studio started to cry. It was just a big, gorgeous cryfest. 

We love seeing good deeds rewarded and good people get the awesomeness that’s coming to them! We’re glad, as One News reported, that Singh’s house is finally now “a home.”

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