8 Signs You’re Ready to Live Together

First comes love, then comes a good vacation together, then comes cohabitation. OK, we’re over-simplifying things a little bit. Living together is one of those big-time relationship steps that weighs heavily on your future. You don’t even need to have plans to eventually get hitched to share a home, but you do have to make sure it’s the right thing for both parties involved. Here are a few signs you’re ready to take this leap together. . . and hopefully not drive each other (too) crazy in the process.

1. You already spend more than half the week at your partner’s house

You’re paying rent for a place you rarely even use. As for your partner? He/she may as well start charging you for electricity, gas, and cable because you don’t even remember what it’s like to bathe in your own shower or turn on your TV anymore.

2. Your roommates never see you

For a while, they thought you were kidnapped or something and frantically texted to see if you were safe, but now they know you’re staying the night with your special someone. . .again. As much as they love time to themselves, they kind of wish you’d come around more often. Where’s the fun in having a roommate if you basically live alone?! Not your deal, as you basically live with your love already.

3. You’ve done countless embarrassing things in front of each other

You’re not afraid to have detailed conversations about bad hair days, hygiene issues, unpleasant breath, food caught in the teeth, or bathroom disasters. Heck, you probably know each other’s digestion cycle by now.

4. You already have towels, toothbrushes, extra underwear, etc., at your partner’s house

It’s like you’re a college student again. You have two sets of everything, one at your “real” home and another at your secondary home. It’s about time to pick a sole home base already!

5. Their bed feels more like home than your own bed

You never want to sleep alone again. Though you once preferred your cozy jersey sheets to your partner’s thin Egyptian cotton bedspread, you’d rather be next to the person you love all night than swaddled in your favorite blankets.

6. You miss each other a ton during the week

On the nights you don’t spend together, you miss each other a lot. Sure it’s fun to veg out with some Chipotle and Netflix solo after a hard day’s work, but coming home to the one you love at the end of the day sounds so much more rewarding than a temporarily satisfying binge-watching session.

7. You understand each other’s finances

Talking about money can be a source of tension and awkwardness, but you’ve discussed your respective earnings so you have an idea of what each person can afford and contribute to the household. It’s among the most boring, uncomfortable discussions out there, but once you’ve had it, you know what to expect from the other person.

8. You know each other’s weird household habits

My boyfriend knows I am lazy enough to eat in bed and careless enough to hop out of the shower when I’m soaking wet. I also really dislike taking my shoes off upon entering different residences. He’s aware of the way I operate when it comes to the home, so he knows what he’s in for when we shack up in the future. If you’ve already had a conversation about each other’s questionable household behavior patterns or seen them in action, you have a good idea of what that person is like to live with. Be ready.

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