All the signs you’re a ‘Pretty Little Liars’ fanatic

Are you into Pretty Little Liars? No, I mean really into Pretty Little Liars? Do you regularly skip out on social engagements on Tuesdays because you can’t stand not knowing what’s going to happen, even for a half hour? Are you able to recite in order who the suspects for “A” were through the seasons? Here are some signs that you are a super-PLL fan.

Your marathons are things of legend

If you are anything like me, you have half an hour to kill one day before meeting friends for dinner.  You find Pretty Little Liars on Netflix.  You’re drawn in first by the clothes and those beautiful people. The complexity and strength of the female friendships along with the show’s mystery keeps you riveted. Dinner plans are long canceled and you’re answering those seemingly judgmental Netflix queries with a “Yes, I’m still watching,” as the clock hits 2 AM.  You’re contemplating quitting your job, your hobbies, and everything else in your life so you can find out what happens next. Once you finish the last episode? Yeah you just start it all over again

You wish your hometown was Rosewood

You certainly don’t want the town’s murder rate or scary cyber-bullying, but Rosewood has a seemingly endless supply of gorgeous men with soulful eyes and compelling back stories (here’s looking at you Toby!) that you wish your town could emulate just a little.

You’ve started modeling your wardrobe after one of the characters

Bless the costume designers on Pretty Little Liars, because apparently, Rosewood provides amazing chances to dress up.  Aria, Spencer, Hanna, and Emily each have their own unique but gorgeous style. Season five’s goth Hanna is nothing short of amazing.  They all tend to dress to the nines just for school.  But they  alsoget fashion shows, themed parties and school dances, and the residents’ Halloween costumes are beyond legit.

You wish the leads were your friends IRL

The female friendship on PLL feels very real.  Being in the group affords vast emotional support, homework help (from Spencer), hair and makeup advice (from Hanna or, heck, any of them), and occasionally even access to four awesome wardrobes.

You start accidentally identifying with “A”

Some of the scenes make it easy to root for the girl gang, to feel drawn into their inner circle and pretend you’re their friend. But the show has a nasty habit of  messing with that dream and making the viewer just a little uncomfortable.  “A” is the nameless, faceless villain who spies on them, finds out their secrets, lives through them vicariously, and torments them.  And just when they characters seem most real or vulnerable, the show has a way of reminding the viewer that both the audience and “A” are living vicariously through the characters.  A heartwarming scene will be followed with a screen shots through a window or from behind a bush.  Those shots have a tendency of making you feel like you’re skulking around in the bushes with “A” rather than an invited guest.

You want to know what happens next, but you don’t want the mystery to end

The show is rife with questions and red herrings (Here is looking at you Mr. Fitz).  You want very badly to find out all the answers and you study the episodes for clues.  Its just that as bad as you want to know if you’re right or not, you also want to keep guessing so that the show can keep going.

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