All the ways you know you’re a total music obsessive

Music has always played a huge role in how we express ourselves and that includes the way we interact with each other. Before the internet age, you could find people of all ages patiently putting together emotionally-charged mixtapes, and before that, people would just serenade each other. Music lets you tell a story about love, friendship, and awesome adventures without you ever having to say a word to the person. And so it’s only natural that you can get totally obsessed with music as a language all itself. So obsessed that maybe you stop using other languages. Here are some signs that you’re probably a total music junkie.

You respond to Facebook messages and emails with music videos

You know that moment when someone Facebook messages you and your perfect response is a song, but no one is there for you to sing to, so you send a music video instead? Sure you do. Not only is this a completely normal response nowadays, it is also rather convenient. Instead of typing out a long-winded reply, you can slip onto YouTube and let the music doing the talking for you. This form of response pairs nicely with crushes, new relationships, or those pals that you have so much music history with that you react in lyrics IRL too.

Your wardrobe is more than 80% band shirts

If you open your drawers and find that the amount of band shirts totally outweighs everything else, that is a surefire sign you are music obsessed. At every concert you attend you find your body navigating toward the merch booth and even though you know it’s crazy to spend that kind of money on a shirt the memories it will represent feel priceless. So here you are with a wardrobe full of band shirts and urge to find any way possible to wear them to your place of work — and everywhere else!

You’ve switched social media backgrounds to lyrics — on more than one occasion

Sometimes it’s a mood you’ve been in for weeks that prompts a lyrical photo filled with angst and other times it’s the simple memory of something you want to live on in social media bliss. Whatever it is, it’s likely that most of the images on your profiles have to do with musicians or lyrics.

Your apartment walls speak for you

Take a quick look around your apartment (or whatever space you live in) and ask yourself how many pieces of music paraphernalia you can spot. Framed musical artwork? A vinyl collection worth Instagramming? a photo wall of everyone you’ve met and all the concerts you’ve seen? These are prime examples of how a music fanatic decorates their space. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

Text responses in the form of song titles, lyrics, or references is the new normal

At one point or another, I think we’ve all texted back Beyonce lyrics to a friend having a bad day, am I right? Sometimes just giving a call back to an empowering jam is all you need.

You’re constantly recommending things for people to listen to 

If someone is willing to listen (and even if they’re not) you are always ready to tell them what band they need to listen to next. From co-workers, to friends, to strangers on the subway, if you find a moment to speak up you will take it (and ask for their Spotify username, too.) After all, when you first become obsessed with that new band or artist your admiration for them is so strong you could literally shout it from the rooftop. Since access to a rooftop is not a common thing in your life your next best option is promoting their awesomeness to those around you — whether they’re into it or not.

All the world’s a karaoke night

The world is your karaoke machine and that means finding the best song in your mental playlist to bust out during times of joy, pain, and overall catch-ups. Because the truth is, there really is a song for everything. Knowing its right there on the tip of your tongue about to go to waste is by far the worst communication crime you could commit. Besides, the people close to you are probably so used to it by now that if you didn’t respond that way they would begin to wonder why.

You make up songs out of basically anything

Not only does everything remind you of a song, everything could be a song. That online profile? The ingredient of your cereal? Yup, could be a song. It just sounds so melodious to a music obsessive’s ears.

Falling In Love With New Music

[Image via Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist]