All the signs you’re a full-blown Disney addict

There are worse things to be obsessed with than Disney. Whether it’s the parks, movies, music, television shows, and everything in between (seriously, this company owns pretty much everything anyway now, right?), Disney always something up their sleeve to keep us completely enchanted.

And if you’ve had a lifelong Disney obsession like me, chances are you’ve run into some thoughts and scenarios that remind you your heart belongs to the mouse. Here are just a few.

You know which Disney Princess is your kindred spirit


And you have taken multiple online quizzes just to be sure. And maybe gone back and re-taken them if you didn’t get the answer you wanted. Also, all your friends represent a different Disney Princess as far as you’re concerned, and you and your significant other are totally Belle and Beast (I MEAN…insert Disney couple here because I’M JUST SPECULATING, OK!?).

Your bucket list includes visiting every Disney Park on the planet

Also, you probably have an annual pass and live within driving distance of one of the parks right now – AKA somewhere you will never move away from unless it’s either A. Even nearer to the park, or B. Close to another one somewhere in the world, or C. Literally inside the Cinderella Castle Suite.


People ask your advice on Disney Parks stuff

You’re definitely known as a Disney freak if people are constantly asking you when’s the best time of year to go to the parks, how far in advance they should make dining reservations (answer: exactly 180 days, especially for popular spots like Be Our Guest), and which hotels are best (based on price, family atmosphere, proximity to a certain park, etc.). It’s a full-time job, but some superhero’s gotta do it.

At least every other clothing item, coffee mug, etc. you own has a Disney print on it

Aside from making you look flawless and adorable, it tells everyone ahead of you that they’re in for a treat – because an adult Disney fan is in close proximity.


You sing a Disney movie song every time you go to karaoke

Or in the shower, in the car, in your sleep, etc., if you’re too shy to sing in public.

And get mad that they don’t have music from the parks on their list

Who doesn’t love a good rendition of the theme from The Carousel of Progress? THERE’S A GREAT BIG BEAUTIFUL TOMORROW, SHINING AT THE END OF EVERY DAAAAAY. (Good luck getting that out of your head. Hey, at least it isn’t “It’s a Small World.” AHHHH SORRY.)


The only thing you can do when someone tells you they’re going to an Orlando-based Disney park in the summer is laugh for five minutes straight

And if you get a moment to speak between heaving breaths, reply with some form of, “Oh, I didn’t know you loved stifling heat and humidity, being trampled by humans, and waiting in lines for entire days!”

You’d never call yourself an “athlete,” but you’ve competed in at least one runDisney race

And not only have you completed runDisney races – you’ve done it in costume. And when people tell you runDisney races are too expensive and crowded, you’re just like…


You can quote the entirety of at least one Disney movie

Yes, even now. As an adult. Muscle memory, baby!

All your favorite foods are things you can only get at Disney parks

Dole Whip. Mickey Premium Ice Cream Bars. Oversized turkey legs. Yes, yes, and YAS.


You have a list of Disney movies that you feel are underrated, and can explain exactly why

Frozen is a masterpiece, but you know what else is? Lady and the Tramp. The Sword in the Stone. Robin Hood. So many early Disney movies don’t get nearly enough attention.

And a separate list that ranks all the Pixar movies, in order

And you get in fights with other people about it. I know ONE other person who agrees with me that Monsters Inc. is the best. The Incredibles is second. I mean, the Toy Story series is amazing and it was the first and all and I love it to death, etc., but it’s just not THE greatest IMHO.


You have a pet named after a Disney character

There are so many adorable animals to choose from that it’s almost impossible NOT to name your pet after one of them. It could even be seen as a disservice to the Disney-fan community.

You don’t care when people remind you that you’re a grown-up

I will enjoy Disney until the day I die, so bye haters.


Also, you’re never too old for Space Mountain, OK? It may only go like 30 miles an hour, but the terror when you’re whipping around those dark corners is real.

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