12 signs you should definitely go on a second date with someone

Dating is hard, so we’re here to help…at least a little bit. Whenever you go on a first date there are a few things to think about. Mainly, what are the signs that you should go on a second date with this person? Don’t worry we’ve got you covered.

While these items aren’t set in stone by any means, they are good rules to remember while you’re trying to find “the one.” Okay, that’s a little serious, but you see what we’re getting at.

There are definite things to look for while you’re on a first date that will make your decision about saying yes to the second that much easier. See what they are below:

1You don’t think about texting someone else when you’re with them.

This is HUGE in today’s social media driven world. If you don’t want to text someone else while you’re dining, then this is a good date.

2You want to tell your friends about the first date before it’s over.

Thinking about gushing to your friends over someone is a big deal. If it’s while you’re driving home from the date, it’s even better. You should be excited because everything is so fresh and new.

3You can’t stop smiling.

If you don’t leave dinner, or the movie, or whatever it is you’re doing with a smile, then why are you still there? Smiling means you’re happy, duh.

4Neither one of you looks at their phone during the date.

You know someone is bored when they pick up their phone. If neither of you tries to sneak a text during dinner — go on that second date.

5No one felt the need to talk about their exes.

How can we stress this enough, talking about exes is SO taboo on date number one. Why would you want to hear about that so early on? Why?

6They are nice and courteous to the wait staff.

You’d think that this is common knowledge, but in case you forget, being nice is a must-have in a mate. If they are rude to your waiter or can’t handle someone coming to the table late, it’s a red flag. So, if they are sweet and let the whole “no bread for like ever” thing roll off their back, another date is a wonderful idea.

7Your date talks about their family.

You know it’s a total turn on when someone talks about how much they care about their family. It makes them seem lovable and relatable and so much sweeter. If they bring up their mom, it’s even better. We don’t know why, but it just is!

8You’re hoping for a text from them the next morning.

If you leave the date thinking about how much you can’t wait to hear from them, then you are SO ready for date number two. The text might not come the next day, but if you’re hoping for it that’s all that counts. Oh, and if you’re doing the happy dance in your apartment, it’s also a yes.

9They ask you questions and really listen to the answers.

Listening is key. If your date manages to ask you real questions, listens, and asks a follow-up one, you are pretty much winning the dating game. Bonus points if they keep eye contact — but not in a creepy way.

10The conversation just flows.

While awkward pauses are inevitable on a first date, having a conversation shouldn’t be like pulling teeth. When you click with someone and the discussion topics just flow from one to the next, you’re on the right path. Plus, it makes the night go by quicker and leaves you wanting more.

12You get butterflies.

If you aren’t feeling it that’s okay, you should just move on. But, if you’ve got butterflies and you’re nervous-excited throughout the night then you deserve that second date.

When do you say yes to a second date?