Britain is serving up some classic snark with their signs at the Unite For Europe anti-Brexit march

Brits are known for their quick-wit, so it makes total sense that the snark was out in full force at the Unite for Europe march against Brexit.

Today in London, tens of thousands of British citizens and European Union nationals gathered to protest against Brexit, the vote to leave the European Union. Although the vote, of course, already happened — Britain passed the European Union Referendum back in June 2016 — British Parliament recently passed Article 50, the Brexit bill.

With PM Theresa May expected to start the formal process of UK’s withdrawal, those opposed to leaving the EU wanted to make their voices heard once more.

And they’re combatting Brexit with pretty entertaining protest signs.

Like this one.

And these.

Some got right to the point with rather descriptive messages.

While others explained exactly how the vote came to be.

Many used their signs to reference famous pieces of media, like Monty Python sketches and Chicago song lyrics.

One protester brought up what might be one of the most compelling arguments to stay in the EU.

Some paid homage to the date which, as pointed out, is the 60th anniversary of the signing of the Treaty of Rome, the precursor to today’s EU.

These protestors made their points as simple as they could.


After all of the protests and demonstrations we saw back in January, we definitely know how to appreciate good march signs — and even preserve them in museums.

If we could frame these clever, concise signs, we definitely would. For now, we’ll just have to admire from afar. Keep up the good work, Brits!