All those little signs that you’ve found your forever partner

Knowing whether or not you’ve found your forever bae can be confusing. The knots in your stomach, the inability to think about anything else, and the stupid smile that wont leave your face – surefire signs of true love? Maybe. But when you’ve found someone truly worth spending all of those hours thinking about, it’s usually a little different than you thought it would be. For me the first word that comes to mind is comfortable.

Sure, that’s not a sexy word. It conjures up images of those shoes that nurses wear but I promise that’s one of the best signs for knowing you’ve found your intended. Because real love isn’t always sexy. Here are some truths about what life can be like with someone who truly makes you absolutely comfy in love.

You accept and are resigned to picking up your partner’s socks off the floor for the rest of your life

And you’ll try not to even nag them about it because nobody’s perfect. You’d only be making yourself crazy to expect them to change. And rest assured there’s something you do that they have to grin and bear.

Your idea of heaven is a long plane ride anywhere next to them while they sleep and you read. 

Being with someone for the long haul means a lot of hours spent together. And you need someone you can just exist with. Quiet times are just as important as the times spent laughing till you cry.


Leaving time in your prep schedule to shave your partner’s back hair before the pool party

There’s going to be things that pop up – ways you can take care of each other that aren’t exactly glamorous. I’ve gagged every time my mom has asked my dad to clip a toenail that has gotten too thick for her to do herself. But guess what? When they say for better or for worse? Sometimes they also mean gross. And back hair and toenails can be just the tip of the iceberg.

Accepting that if your partner wants Indian or Mexican food it probably means that you’re not going to make out

If you actually just watch Netflix, it’s not a sign that things are doomed.It doesn’t mean there’s less love, or less desire. It’s a wonderful sign that things have gotten … dare I say … comfortable?

Nodding and smiling when your partner blames the person behind them for farting, even if you suspect otherwise. 

You’ll get to know your partner better than they know themselves. And while they think they’re pulling a fast one over on you, sometimes giving them a pass makes all the difference.


Being able to say, “I really love you, but I just don’t want to see your face right now” and having that be OK.

Loving someone enough to tell him or her when you need your own time is a gift to everyone. You can only be your best self if you’re taking care of you too.

Doing little things because you know the other person likes it – like buying the chocolate peanut butter ice cream for dessert even though you’re lactose intolerant or watching The Walk even though you’re afraid of heights.

Doing things just to put a smile on someone else’s face is a one of the best ways to show love. In a good relationship, both of you are doing things to make each other’s lives better, happier, and filled with love. And sometimes that means putting others wants and needs ahead of yours.

And most important, the ability to recover from a fight. They happen. Move on.

It’s OK not to agree on everything. What’s important is to be able to talk it out and move on.

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