7 signs you should definitely take your pet to the vet

We love our pets. But sometimes it’s difficult to know when they’re sick and need to go to the vet. They’re a part of our family, but they can’t tell us when they aren’t feeling great. How do you know when to seek veterinary help?

Here are 7 signs that you should pay attention to in order to get your pet the care they might need.

It’s best to use your best judgment, but if you aren’t sure, call your vet to be safe.

1Weird eating habits

It is not normal for any pet to go a full day without eating when food is available. If your cat or dog isn’t eating, this could be a sign of many digestive issues. This could also lead to not drinking enough water.

2Strange drinking habits

If your pet isn’t drinking enough water, your furry friend could suffer from dehydration. An animal that drinks too much water could also have kidney issues.

3Extreme fatigue and sluggishness

Sometimes our pets can be lazy, but sometimes it could be a lot more serious. If they don’t want to play or walk around like they usually do, there may be something going on.

4A change in their coat

If their coat changes drastically, it could be a sign of something that is off. The wrong kind of food, an allergy, or a skin disease could be the culprit.


It’s a gross yet obvious one. If your pet is throwing up, they might have ingested something toxic, or they could be dealing with an illness. This can also cause dehydration, so they’ll need immediate care.

6Extreme weight loss or weight gain

Losing or gaining weight quickly and unexpectedly could indicate a serious health condition. It may be more than your animal taking too many scraps from the table.

7 Difficulty breathing

If a pet’s breathing is irregular or they are “breathing funny,” it’s time to get your pet to the doctor’s office.

Seek medical attention for your pet if you have any concerns. Veterinarians are the experts, and they’ll definitely be able to clear up any questions you might have.