15 signs Pokémon Go has actually taken over your life

It’s been less than ONE WEEK, but Pokémon Go has already taken over the entire nation (and soon world). If you haven’t attempted to “catch ’em all” yourself yet, chances are you’ve seen plenty of people who have.

This is what life is like for everyone obsesssed with Pokémon Go.

1. When your family starts having real questions for you.

2. When you have to low-key catch one while your wife is about to give birth.

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3. When you find yourself literally taking Pokémon away from children.


4. When you find yourself in a suddenly sketchy-looking situation.


5. When you’re finally able to impress your doctor.


6. When you start looking to Nintendo for political help.


7. When a ~rare~ Pokémon shows up and it’s like…


8. When you’re completely distracted on a date.


9. When your mom is talking, but you’re busy with something else IMPORTANT.


10. When you and your teachers find something new to bond over.


11. When you question if Pokémon Go is “work appropriate.”


12. When Pokémon Go actually does disrupt your (and everyone’s) workday.


13. When you want to have a serious talk with Apple about the importance of your obsession.


14. When you’ll go to ANY length to get what you want.


15. And finally, even if it means you’re willing to break a few ~laws~ to catch ’em all.

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