6 signs you need more space in your relationship, even if you’re happy

Uttering the words, “I need space” if you’re in a relationship is often regarded as a telltale sign that a romance is headed for a fiery death. But in reality, you can actually come to a point where you need space in your relationship, even if you’re generally very happy and have no interest in breaking up at all.

One benefit of a little distance in a relationship is that it can bring you and your significant other closer. Also, making sure you get the necessary space in your relationship could be considered as a form of self-care, a way to maintain a healthy balance within yourself and between you and your S.O.

That said, there’s absolutely no need to hit the panic button if you find yourself yearning for a little more alone time, even though you’re genuinely satisfied with your relationship. However, if you’ve come to a point where you feel anxious, irritated, overwhelmed, or just really eager to be alone when you’re with your partner, those are definitely major signs you need more space in your relationship.

1You neglect your personal interests.

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When you can’t remember the last time you read a good book, strolled down your favorite walking trail, had a solo spa day or took advantage or any of those “me time” activities you did prior to your relationship status change, then it might be time to give your partner a little breathing room in order to get back to doing things you enjoy.

2You don’t remember the last time you hung out with friends or family.

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When you’ve completely forgotten about the people who supported and loved you before you became happily coupled up, it’s time to take reassess the amount of time you and your partner spend together.

Just because you’re super comfy kicking it with your S.O. doesn’t mean your romantic relationship should completely overshadow or eliminate the bonds you have with other people. Using this space to catch up with family and friends shows them (and most importantly, you) that you can maintain a healthy relationship/life balance. It also reassures them that they still mean an awful lot to you and that you truly appreciate the roles they play in your life.

3You and your partner are increasingly annoyed by one another.

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Ah, the days when you found your lover’s high-pitched laugh to be cute and endearing. Those were the best moments, but over time, overexposure to that godawful giggle has officially frayed your nerves beyond repair. Do both of you a favor, and get in some solo time so those pesky tendencies and personality traits won’t totally wear you down. (Hint: You might even go back to finding them cute again.)

4You feel smothered.

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There comes a point in every relationship where all of that oneness becomes overwhelming. Everywhere you are, your S.O. is there staring back at you like a thick blanket that inadvertently cuts off your oxygen supply. This is a time in which you should feel free to come up for air and give one another room to breathe and remember what it feels like to spend time alone.

5You’re co-dependent with your partner.

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Neither of you makes decisions without asking for the other person’s input, and you dare not go anywhere without your partner or handle problems without involving them. The fact that you used to be able to stand on your own two feet and do all these things with little or no assistance makes you feel like you’re in a co-dependent relationship.

6You’re really bored.

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GAH, you love your boo, but at the moment, things between you two couldn’t be more mind-numbingly boring. Your routine rarely changes: Meet up, grab a bite to eat, sit on the couch, watch a Netflix series, have sex, and fall asleep while the TV screensaver watches you slip into the REM cycle.

No worries, though! At the core, your romance is still just a solid as ever, but it’s just a wee bit stale at the moment. Putting some distance between you and your partner may help to revive that spark you had before your relationship became so mundane.

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