All the signs that it’s time for a day off

Have you noticed an increase in cat-video watching as of late? How about overuse the phrase “that’s so crazy,” when someone is talking and you’re obvs not really listening because-HELLO-your brain is fried? Living in the real world can be ultra-demanding. Between work, family, friends, errands, bills, and all the in between, spacing out is just one sign you’re in desperate need of a day to actually chill out. (Even, ahem, if you’re just coming back from a long weekend.) Here are just a few signs it’s time to schedule some you time STAT.

You’ve just brushed your teeth with face wash (and it’s not the first time)

Dragging my dreary-eyed self out of bed on a Monday (or any other day) morning, I’ve switched the two products on many occasions only to realize my face stinging with minty freshness and my taste buds saturated with that soapy taste all day. It’s even better when grabbing the wash with the exfoliating beads. Not. If this sounds like you, try wrapping the toothpaste to your toothbrush with a small rubber band, just in case, and think about grabbing some really strong coffee when you leave the house.

Stirring salt into your coffee? Not ideal

To be fair, they’re both small, white granules that, unless you taste them, look exactly the same. If a salted espresso is what you’re going for, bravo. Otherwise, you may need to go back to bed and start over.

You keep accidentally referring to your boss as “Dude”

In some places of employment, this might be OK.. But in most cases, it’s probably not the most respectful way to address the person(s) who sign your check. If you notice the ‘dude-isms’ are something you can’t seem to stop, take a hard step back and schedule some time off ASAP, before the boss ‘dude’ decides you’re better off elsewhere.

You’ve left the house with your clothes inside out

Let’s be real. You either a) didn’t notice the tag on your shirt was facing outward when you left the house or b) you’ve in the proverbial towel. Unless you’re doing a secret study to gauge public reaction to this sort of incident, it happens to the best of us. Just laugh it off and go remedy the sitch. As for tomorrow, lay out your clothes before bed so you can visibly see which way they should go on.

Your coffee is on top of car as you drive away.

I’m totally guilty of doing this at least once a week. It’s all the excitement of having the power of the java in my hand, hopping in the car in a hurry and, well, you know the rest. To avoid this, put your beloved Joe in the car FIRST. That way, when you peel out, the only thing spilling down your windshield is your purse (or wallet, or phone).

You step outside in your pjs and lock yourself out

I don’t know about you, but I usually have my pajamas on around dinnertime (don’t judge) so getting locked out in them isn’t anything surprising. If you’re doing this often, for the love of all that is Ryan Gosling, start hiding a spare key in case of emergency and stop going outside in your pjs (or at least leave the door open when you do).

That text/email you sent? It went to the wrong person.

Send that strongly-worded email to your boss instead of your friend about said boss, did you? Or maybe Mom got the saucy text meant for your significant other? Whoops. Just apologize and move on. Or blame global warming.

That one thing you went to the store for? It’s still in the bag at the store

Just recently, I went to the store for coconut oil. Nothing else. I found the coconut oil, paid for the coconut oil, and left the coconut oil. When I drove all the way home (10 miles), I realized my mistake. If this is a regular thing for you, too, consider taking a shopping buddy for accountability purposes. No, seriously.

Your glasses are regularly a casualty

My glasses have been everywhere from the toilet to the garage floor. They’ve lived a rough life and in the end, didn’t make it and I moved onto another pair. If you find your glasses everywhere but on your face, consider one of those necklace thingy’s that wrap around your neck AND hold your glasses. Or really, just take a vacation. I think it’s time.

We’re bound to experience things like this at some point. It’s all part of life’s journey, right? But next time you find your coffee down the front of your car or you can’t seem to get the taste of face wash off your tongue, just remember: the weekend is almost here (or even if it’s not, you can pretend in your head).

From one space cadet in need of a break to another, you’ve got this.

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