Signs you might be a hopeless romantic

I’m a hopeless romantic.I’m a sucker for sappy moments, big proposals, roses, and teddy bears. I believe in the enduring power of love and yeah, sure, romance. Sure, I’m old enough now to have the rational thought process that many wonderfully sweet scenarios that happen in movies do not translate to reality. (My friend and I laughingly recognize them as “amazing in film, probably terrible in real life.”) But this doesn’t mean I don’t love them, dissect them or feel swept away by these fictional moments as well as by the genuine ones experienced IRL. I totally do. And if you’re a hopeless romantic like me, you have a unique perspective on the word. Here are some of the things we probably would swoon over together.

Lyrics really, really speak to you

I am someone who is thrilled every time it’s revealed that a love song was written with a specific person in mind. And just as devastated if the couple breaks up. Great music is so life affirming and integral in the life of almost every human being on the planet. So is there anything sweeter than knowing a song was written while totally desperately in love? When my boyfriend mentions a song and says “this reminds me of you,” you can be sure I won’t just love that he said it, I am going to memorize to every single word in that song (and hope there isn’t a lyric that says “you snore too much”). When you’re a hopeless romantic, no matter what life experience is happening you will find a soundtrack for it.

You find the secret rom-com possibility in every situation

Power outage at home in a thunderstorm? It’s cool, now it’s time to break out those new candles we bought awhile ago from our favorite Etsy store. And everything feels a little more conducive to romance in the dark with the thunder rumbling anyway, doesn’t it? See someone alone on a park bench, and you’re probably looking around for that person’s soulmate, who will probably come roller skating along at just the right instant for a meet-cute. In a hopeless romantic’s brain, every situation is a possibility to fall in love.

You believe in the concept of happily ever after even when it’s kind of implausible

In movies when a character chases after another to the airport and on a whim hops a plane, the logical side of my brain thinks, “How does he have that kind of money to just DO that? I thought he was making minimum wage!” And of course the other side of me, the hopeless romantic one, thinks “Awww he’s going after her.” Logistics just do not factor in all that much to a hopeless romantic’s brain.

You have dream scenarios about the best kisses

Although rain is typically cold, wet and unpleasant, it still seems like the most romantic thing in the world to me to kiss in the middle of a storm. (The Notebook can back me up on this as well as Sweet Home Alabama and Breakfast at Tiffany’s and…well, you get the picture.) It’s sexy, it’s spontaneous, it feels cinematic. When I dream imagine a perfect kiss, it’s always in a beautiful location, in the pouring rain or in my favorite outfit. (Possibly all three of those things combined).

You read romance into everything

Everything could turn into a sweet romantic moment: A gesture, a look, just the tone of someone’s voice.  So we write it down in our journals and ponder what it means and what might possibly happen next. (Insert dreamy sigh).

We tend to look for the love in everything, us hopeless romantics. In fact, hopeless seems like the wrong word. We’re full oh hope. From now on we should be referred to as hopeful romantics.  Let’s make it so.

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