6 signs your head is in the dating game for “drafting season”

As if people searching for love don’t have enough stuff to keep track of, dating slang continues to evolve at a ridiculously rapid pace. Apparently, there’s a time frame that comes before cuffing season that is referred to as drafting season, which means yes, there’s another dating trend being birthed by the glorious year 2017. Along with draking, benching and breadcrumbing (which is supposedly worse than ghosting), the dating community now has one more responsibility on its collective plate: getting its head in the game for drafting season.

Apparently, the seasonal dating slang term is “the perfect time for people to evaluate the pool of potential mates for someone they can bunker down with when cuffing season rolls around.” In other words, it involves vetting prospective partners during the end of summer and early fall so you won’t be left alone during cuffing season.

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At the risk of sounding totally ancient, all of this inventive new dating lingo is making us long for day when finding love (or a hookup) was simpler, but we’ll try to remain open-minded.

So if you haven’t pulled it together by now (or honestly have no clue if that’s the case), here are some signs that you’re mentally prepared for drafting season.

1You ended your summer fling early.

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The moment you sensed the chill of fall in the air, you ended things with your summer lover (on a good note, we hope!). After three months of going strong, it was long overdue. Besides, the last thing you wanted to do was take yourself out of contention for drafting season by appearing to be in a serious relationship.

2All your dating profiles are updated.

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This means no outdated photos or lame clichés like, “I enjoy long walks on the beach.” Because you were serious about perfecting yours, you went all out and hired a professional dating profile writer (srsly, it’s a thing) to describe you in the most appealing way possible.

Either way, you’re in it to win it this drafting season and aren’t willing to let a crappy profile or a lazy attitude about winter romance stand between you and your ideal seasonal partner.

3You’ve been serial dating.

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When your friends call you up to hang out and do something that isn’t remotely related to drafting season, you quickly hit them with the “Sorry, I’m busy. Catch up later?” text because you’re busy trying to see if you can squeeze another date into your jam-packed calendar of ~love~.

4But you’re quickly narrowing down your prospects.

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The date who committed all of the first date don’ts in a span of 15 minutes? Pass. The cutie who was totally on your cuffing season radar until they flubbed on one of the most important first date questions? No longer a contender.

You don’t know who will win the honor of snuggling up to you all winter, but you’re confident that you’re getting closer with every passing date.

5You accepted literally every end-of-summer party invite.

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Well, the ones you managed to squeeze in between dates. Either way, you plan on making an appearance at every single summer-themed shindig (and maybe host one of your own) so you won’t miss out on the chance to mingle as a temporarily single person.

6Last year’s cuffing partner is already on standby.

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In case all of your drafting season efforts fail miserably, you made sure you secured some insurance in the form of your previous cuffing season partner. Both of you agreed to pick up where you left off last winter to avoid spending this season alone.

Welp, you’re all set and ready to be cuffed! Hopefully your spectacular planning skills will pay off in the end.