All the signs you have a friend crush on someone

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There are countless articles about how to tell whether or not a potential love interest has a crush on you, whether or not they’re your soul mate, whether you’ll be together forever, and so forth. But in our minds, there is not enough written about the beginning stages of your relationship with your other important life partner: your BFF. Before a friendship blossoms into the beautiful flower of trust, understanding and cookie dough, there has to be a seed planted that, with the proper love and care, can grow into a strong and sassy friendship ficus.

A friend crush is a particular kind of feeling, like oh man, she’s the coolest. Can we be friends? It’s not romantic, but the stakes can be just as high. After all, you’re looking for new best friend with whom you share, oh, you know, just about everything. Here’s how to tell that you have a friend crush on someone.

You get that excited feeling in the pit of your stomach when you talk to them

What, you know that band too? I love that band!  It’s kind of like that crush you had in 5th grade. They’re just so cool

You just like the cut of their jib

You totally admire their personality, independence, laugh, nail polish color, or all of the above. You keep finding new things you like about them

You make excuses to casually “run into” them, and when that happens, you’re inexplicably giddy

Oh, are you going to the Taylor Swift concert? Me too! We can sit together

You’re quick to compliment them

As soon as they get a new haircut or are sporting a new outfit, you’re quick to notice and casually comment on it

You’re weirdly nervous about what to say in front of them, but it’s always OK

Does that sound stupid? you ask yourself. Be cool. That was so corny. Except, it turns out they’re pretty into your Dad humor too.

You find yourself talking them up all the time

You find yourself citing their wisdom, telling anyone who will listen, “Well, so-and-so says…”

You’re totally on-call if they need you

When your friend crush needs help or advice, you drop everything to Be There for them

You become inseparable via text

They become the first person you text in the morning, the last one you text at night, and the one whose posts you’re secretly chuckling about when you’re having a tough day at work.

You start accidentally using the same vocabulary

Since you’re spending so much time together, you start adopting their words and phrases, and vice versa

You develop all kinds of silly inside jokes

And you both make each other laugh, kind of like Millennial “Golden Girls”

You’re already planning what your life will be like with your new bestie

Vacations to the Caribbean. Trips to Paris. And plenty of nights with bad Netflix movies and wine. Lots and lots of wine.

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