17 Signs Your Ex Is Still In Love With You

We compiled a list of signs you’re still in love with your ex. In the interest of fair and balanced journalism (also, just because we like lists) we decided it’s time for a role reversal. How about all those tip-offs that your former partner is still pining for you? It happens. You’re not necessarily imagining it. Here are some telltale signs your ex still has it bad for you:

1. Their new girlfriend looks exactly like you.

2. They swipe right on you on Tinder

3 They like your status update when you check in at “your” restaurant, where you two used to celebrate birthdays and anniversaries.

4. They “coincidentally” show up at the same bar/restaurant/park/car wash/baby shower/your mom’s house whenever you Instagram a pic that reveals your current location.

5. They drunk text you (or your brother, or your dad) late at night.

6. They “accidentally” do things to get in touch with you: “Butt dials” are a dead giveaway. 

7. They Facebook chat with your mom.

8. All their #TBT photos are pictures with you.

9. They share an article on Facebook about a study that proved the most successful marriages are between a couple who dated, broke up, and then got back together. 

10. Their sister asks you to be a bridesmaid. And casually mentions your ex will be the bridal party member walking you down the aisle.

11. They start a blog called THE EX FILES and write about you. Every day.

12. They show up at your Friday Zumba class they always used to make fun of you for taking, and tell you they’ve changed, and are interested in new things, such as things you love.

13. On what would have been your anniversary, they Instagram a selfie in all black, tears streaming down their face, in the Inkwell filter, with the caption #nofilter, or better yet, #nofilteronmyemotions #grief #hardday #single #lonely #whatif #happyanniversary”

14. They never used to update their Facebook, but now they’re constantly posting pictures having the best time ever, and writing “I’M HAVING THE BEST TIME EVER!” and generally trying so hard to look like they’re having the best time ever you’re actually worried about their stability. 

15. Every single one of their #ootd’s are clothes you bought them. Or your grandma gave them for Christmas. Or your sister lent them. 

16. They G-chat you at random hours of the day and night, just to “check in.”

17. They think that instead of moving out of the apartment you share together, you should just be roomies and actually try to be friends like you promised you would when you broke up. . .

. . .And still do Friday Pizza Movie Night, and help each other navigate the dating jungle until you discover you’re still in love and should be together forever and ever.

Aw. Breakups are hard for everyone.

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