Signs, Canada’s First ASL Restaurant Where Every Waiter Is Deaf

This is wonderful! You get a delicious meal and you will learn American sign language.
Signs was created after Anjan Manikumar had a deaf customer come into the pizzeria where he worked who had to point and order since none of the waiters there were fluent in ASL. He told ABC News that he also “recognizes the difficulties the deaf community may encounter when looking for a job, and hopes that the restaurant is the first step in incorporating deaf individuals into other industries.”
One look at their site and their mission is clear, “Signs Canada provides a place for the deaf community where they can find themselves at ease using their sing language and aims to promote the use of ASL amongst the hearing community.”
To promote casual conversation each diner is given a “Cheat Book” with popular phrases diners can learn and there are photos on the wall with signs for popular cocktails and beverages.

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