All the signs you and your bestie are together for the long run

You have a BFF!  Congratulations!  You’ve purchased your obligatory split heart BFF necklaces, and you’ve given each other enough friendship bracelets to cover both your arms and legs. At least we assume. Having a bestie to get through thick and thin is so, so important. Here are some signs that you’ve become friends for life.

You both agree that you’re best friends

This may sound silly, but like romantic relationships best friend-dom is a two way street.  Having a best friend is different than having a normal friend because it entails a greater amount of emotional connection and a deeper understanding of the other person.  If you both know (even on an unspoken level) that you’re best friends and it’s not just an unrequited best friend-dom, then you’re in the clear!

You’ve seen each other ugly cry more than once

We’re not just talking about a choice number of tears here or watery eyes.  We’re talking full-on, slobbertown complete with a little dry heaving and lots of sobbing.  Being BFFs means being there for one another no matter how ugly the cry.

You’ve had at least one major fight in the history of your BFF-dom.

How could fighting be a sign of best friendship?  Well, there’s no better way break down emotional walls and be real and honest with someone than a good fight.  As long as no one’s hurt and each person is heard, a good fight can make your BFF-dom even stronger.

No matter how bad the fight, you always find a way to make up

At the end of the day, being BFFs is more important than any petty issue.  Let’s face it, you guys can’t go more than a 48 hours without talking to each other, so one of your is eventually going to apologize and that fight you just had will become something you laugh about in no time.

You guys have a language of your own.

You may as well be speaking alien-ese when you’re in public because the only people who can understand a word you say is one another.  Mix that with pee-your-pants laughter that’s sure to ensue and forget it!

You know exactly what to say to cheer each other up.

Bad days happen.  Bad dates happen.  Bad jobs happen.  Whatever the thing is that is bringing one of you down, the other one knows exactly what to say or do to make smiles and laughter happen.

You’re friends with each other’s parents/family/significant other.

You two are pretty much sisters so it makes sense that you’d get along swimmingly with each other’s families.  You’re not shy to give each other’s mom a hug when you see them and you’ve had so many dinners with each other’s families that you feel right at home with them.

Their enemies are your enemies.

You guys have got each other’s backs, so anyone that crosses or hurts one of you is a sworn enemy to both of you.  That girl that called your BFF a nasty name behind her back?  She’s a no good scoundrel to both of you, no questions asked.

You know every romantic interest ever that your BFF has had and they know yours too

You can list off every crush your BFF has had including the weird ones and they can do the same for you.

If you’ve said “YEP!” to all of the items on this list, guess what?  You and your BFF are built to last!  Through thick and thin you’ll be there for each other no matter what.  How lucky are you?

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