7 signs you and your roommate are not destined to be together

Nearly everyone has a roommate horror story. Maybe you came home to find the power was turned off because they used the money for something that WASN’T the electricity bill. Or you noticed time and time again that the dishes (which are not your dishes) were pilled up like mountains in the kitchen. There were probably so many signs that your and your roommate needed to part ways — and in some cases, that you needed to cross state lines to truly sever all ties.

Are you in a similar situation again? Here are seven signs that you and your roomie need to break up.

They’re always hitting you up for cash.


If you find yourself ALWAYS covering all the bills, most of the rent, and anything in between, it’s at least time to have a talk. It’s totally normal for a friend or roommate or family member to borrow some money, but to be constantly asking for this favor puts people in really awkward, uncomfortable situations. 

They like bringing the party home with them… on a Tuesday.


You like winding down with a glass of wine on a weekday, but you reserve the hard stuff exclusively for Friday and Saturday nights. Unfortunately your roommate believes the party never stops — even after the bars close. We’re not saying parties are bad things — we’re just saying we really need to sleep sometimes. If you’re the kind of person who needs quiet time after 10 p.m. on week days, you’re better off living with someone who shares that necessity. 

They raid your closet without asking.


You pinched pennies all month to buy that designer dress that’s now waiting in your closet for the perfect occasion. But when that day arrives, your dress isn’t there. Your roommate thought it was the perfect outfit for her night out on the town and returns it to the closet without cleaning it. Respecting boundaries is key and this is probably the beginning your roommate crossing them.

Your values simply do not align.


Whether it’s your choice in food, partners, or *eek* presidential candidates, bickering with a roommate over what you value may cause needless friction. If you are ready to welcome healthy debates over morning coffee, your roommate may be the best match for you. However, if there are certain non-negotiable values you need in a roommate, consider asking the tough questions before signing a lease.

Your allergies and their lifestyle butt heads.


Everyone has a right to make their own choices — when it comes to daily habits, choice in pets, etc. But on occasion, these habits may not align among roomies. If you love cats but only from a distance and your roommate has one, you’ll need to vet the possible solutions. May we recommend regular neti-pot washes a la Gwyneth Paltrow?

Your Netflix queues tragically don’t match up.


Speaking of Netflix and Chill, your queue is filled with the Gilmore Girls (hello reboot!), every movie with a shirtless Channing Tatum, and Making a Murderer. Your roommate prefers documentaries about Ebola and science fiction films that take place on the planet Cerberus. This difference in style may call for more than separate accounts. Call us ~dramatic~, but completely different tastes in movies and books may be a sign of bigger differences that can lead to more than just a Saturday night with your laptop while they get the living room flatscreen.