Things you feel when your significant other gets you the wrong gift

Whether this is the first holiday season with your significant other or your fifteenth, you’re probably looking forward to seeing what kind of present they got you. Which is understandable: Nobody knows you like your boo does. Plus, you’ve been doing a great job hinting about that necklace on Etsy.

But what happens when you unwrap a gift from your beloved and it’s something totally random? Here are some of the thoughts that might run through your head:

“Hold on a second. What the heck is this?!”

“He is dead meat.”

“No, don’t be rude. Quick — pretend you love it!”

“Oh jeez, where’s the gift receipt? THERE’S NO GIFT RECEIPT?!”

“But I can’t return this. They’re going to wonder where it went.”

“How much could I get for this on eBay?”

“How did they miss my oh-so-subtle yet equally obvious hints about that necklace?”

“I thought I was pretty clear about what I wanted.”

“What if this is a sign that they doesn’t know me at all? What if I’ve been wrong about our relationship this whole time? Does this mean I need to break things off?”

“They look so happy. Ugh, not The Smile! Gets me every time.”

“It’s the thought that counts, right? I guess it isn’t so bad.”

“I can order the necklace myself next week.”

“And who knows? Maybe I will be nominated for an Oscar after this performance.”

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