Important reminder: Sigma Beauty’s dazzling new Lip Vex Sets are launching today

When we first laid eyes on Sigma Beauty’s Lip Switch a few months back, the mesmerizing lip gloss seemed too good to be true! And alas, for so many of us it was, since it quickly sold out, leaving us heartbroken and gloss-less. But never fear, for Sigma has finally released their Lip Vex Sets and they’re going to fill that hole in our heart so fast we’re gonna be like, “Lip Switch, who?”

The two Lip Vex Sets, Glaze and Dazzle, are available today on their website — and we wouldn’t be surprised if they sold out fast because they are GORGEOUS.

Each set is available for $28, which is pretty amazing considering you get 5 glosses per set!

These are some seriously glamorous shades of gloss! Let’s take a look at each individual set:



The Dazzle Lip Vex set includes: Dazzling, an ultra-shimmer light bronze with a glitter finish; Steady Glow, a soft tangerine with a shimmer finish; Sheila, a hot pink with a shimmer finish; Eleven, a purple orchid with a shimmer finish; and Get Ready, a party peach gold with a shimmer finish.



The Glaze set includes: Slip, a peachy nude with an opaque finish; Chill Out, a cool bubblegum pink with an opaque finish; Vivid, a watermelon with a satin finish; Skinny Dip, a papaya smoothie with an opaque finish; and Tender, a sheer candy pink with an opaque finish.

Aren’t these shades all absolutely gorgeous?

And we love all the different finishes that they come in — something to suit every occasion!

Regardless of finish, each of these glosses are highly pigmented enough that they look great on every skin tone, a must for a truly successful lip set.

So lovely!

Make sure you head over to Sigma Beauty ASAP and pick up your own lip set, because these highly coveted glosses are gonna fly off the shelves. Beauty hoarders the world over are ready to add these to their lip gloss collections!

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