Sigma Beauty pre-released their highly anticipated makeup sponges at IMATS, and we want it now

As if getting a look at all the latest products and techniques at IMATS isn’t incentive enough to go, there were also tons of product pre-releases available for all those who were lucky enough to attend. Among the many, one of the most exciting pre-releases was Sigma Beauty’s much anticipated 3DHD makeup sponges. While they may look similar to BeautyBlenders on the outside, Sigma knows that these beauties are gonna be game changers when it comes to makeup application and blending.

The funny shape, like a BeautyBlender with two sides shaved off, enables the 3DHD sponge to blend, conceal, contour, highlight, and bake all in one!

There’s already a wait list for the wide-release, and we can see why!

Its angular shape makes it ideal for a wide variety of uses and will make it possible for us to create a ton of different looks without needing multiple brushes or tools.

And if anyone knows makeup application, it’s Sigma. Their brushes are some of the best on the market, so you know if they’ve made a sponge then it means that it works well.

We’ve gotta know who was able to check out IMATS and get their hands on one of these! There’s just nothing better than a new product that changes the game.

At least their Instagram followers, who weren’t able to make the beauty convention, are just as excited/bummed to miss out as we are. There’s solidarity in numbers!



We’re just a world full of people who need to have a perfect contour, what can we do?!

What do you think of Sigma’s foray into the world of sponges? Are you a brush devotee or are you a sponge fiend? We just won’t know until we try the new sponge, will we?

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