These side-by-side photos prove weight and health have nothing to do with each other

Scroll through the comments section on any body-positive, size-inclusive instagrammer’s account and you’ll surely find trolls bemoaning that person’s “unhealthy lifestyle,” or insisting that extra meat on the bones surely = poor health. But if these side-by-side body photos from fitspiration Instagrammer Fenella Scarlett McCall prove anything, it’s that your weight, “looking thin,” and being healthy have nothing to do with each other.

The 30-year-old psychology student from Melbourne, Australia recently shared two snaps of herself on IG taken almost two years apart, listing her weight at the time of each photo. In the older pic, she’s 66 kg (equivalent to about 146 pounds) and in the newer photo, taken after 17 months of working out consistently, she’s 148 pounds — heavier, obviously, than before she started exercising and eating well.

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