These side-by-side photos of Disneyland now and then are pure nostalgia

Among the many exciting places to visit in the world, Disneyland always makes our dreams come true. The park can be enjoyed in rain or shine, by yourself or with friends, and the second best part is, Johnny Depp sometimes drops by! The first best part is that adults will never be too old to have a meaningful experience at Disneyland, because hey, nostalgia is real, people!

Speaking of nostalgia, this weekend is Disneyland’s 61st anniversary (Happy Birthday!) and to celebrate, Oh My Disneyhas put together some incredible photos from the park; both how it used to look way back in 1955, and how those exact same areas looks today. Attractions have certainly changed (not to mention the clothes), but the magic remains as wonderful as ever.

This older photo included here is extra special, because that’s Walt Disney himself. What a guy.


Here’s the castle we know and love so dearly!


The firehouse has gone through a remodeling, but our eyes are on those kids with the Mickey Mouse ears!


X marks the spot.




And finally, the epic-ness that is (and was back then!) Matterhorn.


If these photos made you a little teary, and a little wide-eyed at the history that exists within the park, that was probably the intention. Time for a quick visit to Disneyland, perhaps? Or a longer vacation to Disneyland? DO IT! DO IT ALL!

Feeling all the Disney feels right now.

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