These siblings were allegedly expelled from a Christian school because their mom isn’t married

Sisters at a Christian elementary school in Akron, Ohio have been kicked out because, according to the school’s pastor, their mother is “living in sin.” As local Ohio news station WKYC reported on April 17th, the girls, in second and fourth grade, were asked to leave Chapel Hill Christian School with only 30 days remaining in the school year.

"He said it was many reasons," Summer Grant told WKYC regarding pastor John Wilson's decision to remove her daughters, Summara and Summaia, from school. "And the main one was because I was not married and my children had different fathers.

In a recorded conversation Grant had with Pastor Wilson, Wilson explained that Grant’s lifestyle does not align with the beliefs and practices held by Chapel Hill. He informed her that having two children by different fathers and living with a third, biologically unrelated man to whom she is not married violates the school’s covenant.

“There’s 10 commandments and committing adultery is not part of that,” Pastor Wilson can be heard explaining on the recording. “It’s not that they should not go to the school, it’s that they can’t go to the school.”

Wilson reportedly approached the topic with Grant during prior conversations, even giving her a hand-written list of eight recommendations that could “improve” her life (which included having children with and being married to the same man).

“As Christian you are not supposed to judge, Grant said to WKYC. “You shouldn’t have affected these kids education over that."

Pastor Wilson provided a statement to WKYC in which he explained that parents of Chapel Hill students sign a written agreement meant to “reflect a common commitment to the cause of Christ.” Wilson said that when parents “decide to act in a manner inconsistent” with the agreement, the administration must step in to separate the family from the Chapel Hill community.

Furthermore, Pastor Wilson stated that the dismissal of Summara and Summaia was necessary “to protect the safety of our school children and their families.” And unfortunately for Grant—and other parents who have received similar treatment—Chapel Hill is a private school…meaning there is very little recourse she can take.

Grant currently hopes the pastor will change his mind, as she’s worried she won’t even be able to find another school for her daughters to attend with only 30 days left in the school year. It goes without saying that this decision appears to show a complete lack of compassion, and we sincerely hope Chapel Hill Christian School reconsiders their stance.

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