Sia went to a Netflix party without her wig, and more of this natural beauty, please

Famously shrouded singer Sia casually stepped out to a Hollywood party on August 14th without her iconic wig, and so stunned were we that the shy performer posed for event photographers that we had to double-take to make sure it was her. To be fair, she has gone without her wig before. She’s posed without it in Instagram photos and has been snapped by paparazzi on the way to LAX, but we rarely see her casually attending industry parties without her signature hair.

Even stranger, Sia’s rare wigless appearance was at a Netflix party to honor their crime-drama series Ozark. The only connection we could think of is that Ozark used Kanye West and Sia’s song “Wolves” in the trailer. Or maybe she’s just a big fan of the Jason Bateman drama.

It appears that Sia adopted the wig to battle stage fright (she told Good Morning America in 2016 that she doesn’t love and is often scared of performing), so maybe she leaves it at home when attending parties. Regardless, the camera-shy singer looked fresh-faced and beautiful with an au naturel look. What a rare treat to see a natural Sia in the wild.



Sia also revealed in a 2015 sit-down with Interview that the wig is not just because she’s shy, it’s a calculated part of her image and self-preservation.

"I had the idea that, well, if Amy Winehouse had been the bouffant, maybe I was the blond bob," Sia revealed. "I wasn't saturating the market; I was an indie-pop singer. And not that many people knew who I was anyway. I thought, 'Well, I have one thing—I used to have a blond bob, and maybe I'll make myself just a blond bob.'"

She also added, “I’m not [wearing] it because I think I’m ugly; I’m trying to have some control over my image. And I’m allowed to maintain some modicum of privacy.”

Wear the wig or don’t—we love your look either way, Sia.

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